The Kingdom At Hand
A Podcast of Hosanna Free Lutheran Church, Saint James, MN
3 months ago

S2E99 - Luke 9:57-62 Costly Christianity

is there a cost to following Jesus?

3 months ago

S2E98 - Luke 9:46-50 Greatness

What does Jesus teach us about greatness and competition?

3 months ago

S2E97 - Luke 9:37-43a Faithless Generation

Luke tells the story of the demon possed boy with a different emphasis. What is he pointing to?

4 months ago

S2E96 - Luke 9:28-36 Mountain Top Discipleship

What can we learn about discipleship from the transfiguration?

5 months ago

S2E94 - Luke 9.1-6 Discipleship

How did Jesus disciple His followers? What can we learn from that and our walk with Jesus?

6 months ago

S2E90 - Luke 8:22-25 Why Storms?

Why do storms come into our lives? Is it because of disobedience? What do we do when they come? Jesus shows us.