The Kingdom At Hand
A Podcast of Hosanna Free Lutheran Church, Saint James, MN
2 months ago

S2E117 - Introverted Evangelism, Various Scriptures

What does it look like for an introvert to do evangelism?

4 months ago

S2E115 - Luke 11:45-54 Faith and Knowledge with Testimony

This sermon contains a testimony but for the sake of the sharer you will have to listen or fast forward to find out who it is.

5 months ago

S2E114 - Luke 11:34-36 Brighter Lights

How does Jesus teach us to shine brighter? How can we apply that?

5 months ago

S2E113 - Luke 11:24-28 Be Discipled

Why is it important that we continue to grow in our relationship with Jesus? How do we do that?

6 months ago

S2E110 - So Today I Was Reading Amos 9:1-4

What does a curse teach us about God's love?

6 months ago

S2E109 - Luke 11:14-23 Finger of God

How do we deal with doubt?

6 months ago

S2E108 - Luke 11:5-13 Shameless Prayer

Should we be worried about the format of our prayers? How about other factors? Jesus teaches here in Luke 11:5-13