The Kingdom At Hand
A Podcast of Hosanna Free Lutheran Church, Saint James, MN
2 days ago

S3E9 - Luke 16:18 Marriage and Divorce

We start by looking at the goals and purposes of marriage and then explain how that fits into this text.

29 days ago

S3E8 - Luke 16:1-9 Be Shrewd

What does the dishonest manager teach us about shrewdness?

1 month ago

S3E7 - Luke 15:25-32 The Older Son Experience

Let us focus on the older son and see if he applies to us.

1 month ago

S3E5 - Luke 15.11-32 Younger Son Experience

What do we learn from the younger son's experience?

2 months ago

S3E2 - Luke 14:25-33 Count the Cost

If we are going to be Jesus' disciples we must ask what that really means.

3 months ago

S2E157 - Luke 14:1-6 Applying Law

If the law cannot be applied in love then it is misapplied