The Kingdom At Hand
A Podcast of Hosanna Free Lutheran Church, Saint James, MN
4 days ago

S2E109 - Luke 11:14-23 Finger of God

How do we deal with doubt?

12 days ago

S2E108 - Luke 11:5-13 Shameless Prayer

Should we be worried about the format of our prayers? How about other factors? Jesus teaches here in Luke 11:5-13

19 days ago

S2E107 - Luke 11:1-4 Contemplative Prayer

How do we use written prayers in our devotional time and what effects can they have?

26 days ago

S2E106 - Luke 10:38-42 Action and Relationship

What can we learn about how we interact with God from Mary and Martha?

1 month ago

S2E105 - Luke 10.25-37 Resurrection Needed

What does the parable of the Good Samaritan teach us about our need for Resurrection?

1 month ago

S2E104 - Luke 10:22-24 Seeing Jesus

Who is Jesus? Who is God? How do we know? Jesus shows us.

1 month ago

S2E103 - Luke 10:21 Relationships and Revelation

How does Jesus interact with the Holy Spirit? What does that teach us about our interactions?

2 months ago

S2E102 - Luke 10:13-16 Unrepentance

What do the unrepentant cities teach us?

2 months ago

S2E100 - Luke 10:1-12 The Harvest

What do we know about the Harvest and our place in it?